Thursday, October 30, 2008

Cruciform (Aus) - Atavism (1993)

Cruciform is an Aussie doom/death barely known, with only a full length and a demo released throughout their career. Both genres here are well blended there is more doom than death here, the riffs however are really slow, repetitive (but not boring) and moody but with a strong death metal feeling. The drumming is more doom than death metal but then again we have parts that resemble a lot to the typical death metal drumming style. The production is also really good, actually excellent, you can hear from the whisper to those killer riffs without any kind of trouble! In this album we have three kinds of growls really deep ones, the others that are closest to the raspy growl, and finally one that is more in the middle of those mentioned before. These guys also use keyboard or synthesizer, I'm not really sure, they use it only for the intro of the album and that's it and that's my only complain about this album, the intro is kind of long and it doesn’t really add anything interesting to the album. Enjoy!

192 kbps


Anonymous said...

Thank you!

Stevenwilson4evar said...

Can you please fix this upload? It displays this message when I extracted the files to a folder: CRC failed in Cruciform\Atavism Ep\Cruciform - 03 - Reduced To Dust.Mp3. The file is corrupt