Thursday, October 30, 2008

Phantasmagory (Ukr) - Odd Sounds (1999)

Phantasmagory is an obscure band from Ukraine that has released three albums and all of them are highly unknown probably because the Ukraine scene is known for its BM scene. These guys rely heavily on keyboards and synthesizer to create a really weird and abstract atmosphere. These guys are also very proficient musicians with their instrument and one can hear the bass throughout the whole without any trouble, and if you pay enough attention to the music you will hear a couple of nice bass solos, something that is not very common in dm, besides of course some technical death metal bands like Gorgut or Pavor. The drumming is also good, not really technical but makes it appearances here and there. The guitar work is really good, both guitars do an excellent job, lot of good leads and riffs are found in this album. The production of this album is not that good taking into account that this is an album that was recorded in 1990; the production here is kind of muddy and the vocalist can't be heard that well. The singing is similar to the raspy growl of the guy from Sadist, some clean vocals can be heard through the album but they are really short. I recommend this album for people interested in bands similar to Sadist's first album or are new to this genre, despite a couple of problems with the production this album is highly recommendable. Enjoy!

192 kbps

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