Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Dolorian (Fin) - When all the Laughter has Gone (1999)

There are band that tries to sound all evil and dark, most of them fail, then we have bands like Dolorian that are completely out of this world, this is one of those albums that are all about despair, darkness, and evilness, and that’s something that is really hard to find. The way this band uses the synthesizer is very impressive, they use it a lot but only to create an atmosphere of endless despair and darkness. These guys also use the piano; the piano is played in a real subtle and moody way. The vocalist does an amazing job, it’s one of the things that I enjoy the most; they are raspy and deliver a lot of emotions. Enjoy!

192 kbps

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some great stuff on this blog... thanks even if you don't continue with this!!