Saturday, November 1, 2008

Apoplexy (Svk) - Tears of The Unborn (1995)

Great Slovakian death metal bands are few and far between, especially in the old school. Sure there are some above average bands here and there. My personal favorites are Dehydrated's "Ideas" a brutal yet intelligent offering, Protest's oddly titled first album... and this amazing, original Apoplexy album. This is truly an old school classic offering, combining the melodic prowess of mid-era Loudblast, the sound and (again melody) of Sentenced's masterpiece "North From Here" Apoplexy really pull it off with this debut. The songs are mid-to-fast paced, and short acoustic/clean guitar passages are thrown in to add to the unique yet familiar atmosphere. Recommended for anyone who enjoys Loudblast, Demigod (Fin), early Sentenced, and the first three Amorphis albums. Listen to "Confine Shadows" and tell me that isn't a classic death metal song!


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kristian thrasher metalhead said...

please, reupload this album, I need this album.
Thank you very much friend