Thursday, October 30, 2008

Age of Agony (Hun) - War, Hate, Blasphemy (2005)

Age of agony is one of those bands that worship OSDM, and they do a pretty good job at it. Most Retro dm bands fail like Nominon, Bloodbath, Kaamos, and Ribspreader; they are absolute shit and they just fail at trying to revive something that is almost impossible to bring back. On the other hand we have a couple of pretty good retro or not necessarily retro bands that just know how to write modern dm but heavily influenced by old bands like Repugnant, Dead Congregation, Nerlich, and Age of Agony. Age of Agony like most old bands rely more on the guitar work than anything else, the riffs are pretty good some of them will remind you of early Suffocation and others of early American and Swedish DM. The guitarists are not technical at all they keep it very simple and in my opinion sometimes simple is better. The drumming is really interesting, this is not a blast beat album, they are well used, and pretty much keeps the music in a mid paced direction. The vocalist sounds a bit like Frank Mullen at least for me, kind of monotonous at times but I guess that's alright. The only complain that I have about this album is the production, it could have been better, you will hear the vocalist and most of the drumming coming from the left speaker and in the very few fast parts of the album it sounds like complete shit; other than that is a pretty good album. Enjoy!

256 vbr

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