Friday, October 10, 2008

Sacramentum (Swe) - Far Away from the Sun (1996)

This album in my opinion is in the top 10 of best metal albums ever, everything here is done with such a passion and perfection that is impossible to be overlooked. From the incredible drumming to the and what makes this album so amazing, the guitar work. The guitar work makes a heavy emphasis on atmosphere, and it manages to deliver emotion and an epic feeling every time one listens to it. This is the kind of album that most bands wouldn't even think about it but dream about, mostly because of its complexity. Words are simple not enough to describe this album.

320 kbps


Tyson.B said...

Just won an original pressing of this and The Coming Of Chaos

Love that album work, reminds me of ITNE by Emperor or SOTLB by Dissection

Anonymous said...

Thanks for uploading this album. Much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

YuhHAYuh, thank u 4 posting this. Somehow I JUST heard about this band, and appreciate your hookup.