Thursday, October 30, 2008

Agatus (Grc) - The Weaving Fates (2002)

Agatus is probably one of the most important bands from the Hellenic BM scene, especially because of their first album being an essential one amongst the followers of that scene. In their sophomore album Agatus have done something really different and refreshing comparing to their peers Greek peers and other scenes. In my opinion this is one of the greatest black metal albums released in the post 2000 era. One thing that one will notice right away is the strong heavy metal influences, this album is epic, crushing, and at the same time unique. The lyrics are cheesy as hell specially the ones of "Conqueror of Fear" that might be a turn off for some people but then if you are one of those that care too much for what they say just don't read them! The guitar work here is the most important thing, it's well done, lot of nice riffs, like the one at the beginning of Night of a Thousand Stars. The vocalist does an excellent job specially in the song "Conqueror of Fear" this is pretty much my favorite song of them, it's metal in every single way, it has awesome riffs, an excellent drumming, and epic as fucking hell. Being these guys Greeks you will found the typical Hellenic influences like the synthesizers and piano and they are done in such a wonderful way that you would want to listen to this more, a clear example of this is found in the song "Progonalatria" when you think the song won't get anymore epic than that it just gets! If you don't like this you should kill yourself!

192 kbps

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