Friday, October 24, 2008

The Lamp of Thoth (UK) - Portents, Omens & Doom (2008)


Miskatonic records has been putting out The Lamp of Thoth material for a couple of years, starting with Cauldron of Witchery. Which includes a stunning version of Cirith Ungol's Frost and Fire. They doomify that song to the nth degree. Miskatonic now unleashed Portents, Omends, and Dooms satanic frenzy upon the world.

When listening to this album it's a must that one would put what style of doom metal the Lamp of Thoth are going for. The band isn't trying to do something that is revolutionary, yet they aren't another retro rip off band. That being said, how do we find this middle ground? Well, the band has a lot of riffs that are reminiscent of their predecessors; however, the band uses the musical ideas and mixes them with an anti-religious, pro-satan atmosphere. When stating that the band has the pro-satan atmopshere, it's not clear what is actually going on in the music; the band uses the satanic/cult atmosphere in an incredibly uplifting way. Their message is more about, what could be possible better than fucking on the local church altar, in the most mocking way possible. The Lamp of Thoth runs through some catchy songs/quirky songs that embellish Satan like Blood On Satan's Claw to something dark and sinister like Victorian Wizard. Mention quirky songs might put some people off, but when listening to The Lamp of Thoth the band meshes both quirky/uplifting songs with the dark and sinister songs.

All of this being said, it must be noted that the album should be listened as a song by song album, rather than some unifying concept. All the songs are quite good and are great to listen on their own and in the album. Sit down, crack open the nearest craft brew, and vast in the glory of Satan! to listen to Hand of Glory!

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