Saturday, November 1, 2008

Nifelheim (Swe) - Nifelheim (1995)

Alastor's third album was a good example of the type of black metal I enjoy on a regular basis. But this Nifelhiem album is much higher on my list of essential european blackness. The thrash and early black metal influences are in full force on this release, it's too bad somewhere along the way they lost their intensity and "evil" feel after this classic first album. Reference to Morpheus (Swe) and Necrophobic (Swe) are important here as the ties are deep and some members are shared. Tyrant is a true artist (Just check out the cover art he did for Necrophobic's most recent "Hrimthursum", and it has always shown in his work with both Nifelheim and the more serious stuff in Necrophobic. If you like intensly satanic, no frills black metal with thrashing in abundance definitely check this one out. Balls out, ripping black metal! Hail satan.


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