Saturday, November 1, 2008

Disciples of Power (Can) - Invincible Enemy (1993)

While the epitome of Disciples of Power is their "Ominous Prophecy" album, "Invincible Enemy" is a righteous contender as the band became more technically proficient and introspective. As always the performances are thoughtfully arranged and distinctly possess their own style. You simply can't compare Disciples of Power with many other bands. Progressive, technical but not wanking, rocking but not pedestrian, thrashing but definitely death metal. Any album maintaining a unique and heavy atmosphere such as this is welcome in my top 10 list of favorite releases. DoP would go on to their technical height "Mechanikill" after this, then split up for a short time until their final, less ambitious swansong "In Dust We
Trust". For fans of all eras of Chuck's Death, and death/thrash metal in general. I don't feel comfortable m too many comparisons as none of them seem to fit. A starving, talented group of musicians who were in it solely for the musical expression and passion for the genre. Legitimately heavy and extreme metal.


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