Monday, December 8, 2008

Depravity (Fin) - Remasquerade (1992)

This is exactly my kind of death metal, raw but listenable production, excellent riffs, creepy solos, and a great vocalist. This is my favorite demo ever, a lot of people tend to say that "Silence of the Centuries" is their best output, I disagree with them, the clear production of that demo loses the creepiness and evuhl atmosphere that makes this demo and their older material so great. The production like I said before is raw but listenable and god, it fits the record so well, the production is what makes this so creepy and full of misery that one will listen to it over and over again! Enjoy another obscure masterpiece!

mp3@ 160 kbps

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alkup said...

Thanks for sharing. I have this 7" but it's been played too many times, kills the needle. Also am too lazy to digitize any vinyls myself.