Monday, December 8, 2008

Abhorrent (Nor) - Occultus Brujeria (1990)

This is the kind of death/thrash that I love, raw production, excellent riffs and solos, and one thing that most bands don't have are chants, the chants offer a different kind of atmosphere to the listener compared to other death/thrash records. The music here is pretty simple but good, like I said in a past review "Simple is better" . The riffs are great, they will keep the listener headbanging from the beginning till the end, why would someone listen to death/thrash if they cannot headbang to it! The vocalist is really good, it goes to the typical death/thrash growl to the black metal kind, this probably helped the vocalist in joining other bands, specially black metal bands. The production as I said before is pretty raw and it works great, you can hear all the instruments pretty well, so yeah enjoy this rare masterpiece!

mp3@ 160 kbps

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